Sony Xperia E1 Review

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We put the Sony Xperia E1 through it’s paces and let you know what we think.

The Xperia E1 is a compact smartphone that packs a punch at a competitive price.

An ideal first smartphone or for a user that does not desire or need the absolute best of everything the E1 has a bold design and large 4″ display and a speaker that knocks the competition aside.

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38 Comments on Sony Xperia E1 Review

  1. I got this phone a month and a half ago, and I love it!! I was not looking for a top notch phone as I'm not playing games and things like that, nor did I need a forward facing camera or anything like that, it was just to make a small upgrade from my Sony Xperia Tipo which was 2 years old and with about 50 encounters with a hard surface. The fact that the Tipo was so tough was one of the reasons I went for a Sony (which I have loved their phones since the old J5), and I am very pleased with the outcome!! I get an average of about 30 hours off the battery and it charges really fast. I like the feel of it, it may be "just plastic" but it feels good with that "grainy" tact to it, tends not to slip out of your hand. It's also on the limits of screen size I wanted, I mean, these people going around with phablets, what's next? 40" smart TV on your ear? It's a good size to have in my pocket if I don't have a bag with me, but not too small to make it uncomfortable to use. I find the processor power plentiful for what I do, and the ONLY beef I have with the phone is the new Android 4.4 Kitkat which won't let me manage things on the SD card directly from the phone, but I've seen lots of people having this issue with this OS.

    What can I say? I love my E1!!

  2. I have this at the moment and I love at it is really nice and light and greag for listening to music and I like since it dont have a flash it adjust it self to tje lighting you are in and add lights too it so I give this phone a 8/10 cuz sometimes it has its bugs but not all the time ??

  3. Bought this phone in Sweden as just one to use while I'm here. It's not too bad. Screen resolution is fine and doesn't look that bad. Camera is okay but not having a flash is a killer (did not realise when I bought it). But as someone who just wanted a cheap smartphone that would do Snapchat and Facebook I am fairly happy. Although currently its called an 'OY' because two of the letters fell off.

  4. Hey can you do a review of samsung young 2 because the is no reviews of the phone on you tube only unboxings the is like 2 reviews but the Spanish PLZ do a review of the samsung young 2

  5. I bought this the other day as I'm waiting for my contract upgrade,  you say it uses an old style sim, but I noticed it does work with micro sim too as I just popped mine in and away it went !

  6. this is the worst phone ever, it has problems in text messages , sometimes you send a message and the phone tells you it has been sent, and the person who was suposed to receive the message dont receive it

  7. I have Sony Xperia E1 and its soo powerful and its more powerful that when my battery is 20% im putting it to charge, and for 30 mins it'll be around 90% and this phone is running pretty fast in games or normal soo this phone is pretty worth it. And last thing to say is that the phone battery is getting lower soo slow and its charging pretty fast 😀 yeaa

  8. nice review, one of the beter ones on youtube.
    E1 here in slovenija is now 99 eur while moto g is 199 eur
    so cant realy compare the two.
    for its price E1 is best in its class at the moment.

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