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22 Comments on Sony Xperia C4 Smartphone Hands-on – PhoneRadar

  1. I purchased this phone. The 1080 HD resolution screen gets the job done. The screen is pretty bright even on 50% brightness. The battery can last hours when not in use. On att btw so it may vary. I watched a movie for about an hour and twenty min and only about 20% battery was used up. I noticed being connected to wifi and having ur data on kills the phone quickly. The speaker is loud especially when turning on the ClearAudio+. I don't like the image enhancers tbh. Its gives more color yes but it makes the videos look crappy in my opinion. You can adjust the saturation however you please which is nice. The phone does get hot but after configuring my phone to my needs i experience less heating thank God for that. For the camera, I noticed when on automatic its not set to 13 mp. But in manual mode it should be or you may have to set it to 13 mp just a heads up. I have no lags hopefully never will. The recording is great to me. The focusing is cool. The walkman plus visualizer is just awesome thank you Sony. I have to say again I enjoy watching videos on this phone I'm sure it can play up to 4 movies depending on length of movies.

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