Sony Xperia C3 In-depth Review with focus on Performance

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The Sony Xperia C3 is powered by a Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM. We take a look at the performance capability and how it fairs in gaming and video tests.

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28 Comments on Sony Xperia C3 In-depth Review with focus on Performance

  1. no racism but i hate when its an indian cause then i dont understand shit from what you're saying and then when its an indian that talks english clearly HE TALKS FUCKING SOFT ><"

  2. Got this phone. Really amazing. Only thing after three months, whenever i use the mobile data it starts to get stuck a bit and once im done using the data or i lock the phone it reboots. Its really frustrating. However this doesnt happen when im connected to wifi. Please help! Only on mobile data.could it be a phone problem or something with he sim? 

  3. Hi there, thanks for this review. I have a C3 just like yours. How would I go about removing the Sony Select Adverts from my home screen? I think it is a crime that Sony be allowed to use my own home screen as a media space to advertise to me. 

  4. Hey friends!.. At the moment i am getting c3 for 19k. HTC 820 for 22k..I am looking for a phone which doesnt hang.. Nice camera with beautiful UI ….I am a big sony fan… But wana try out something other than sony as it starts hanging after 15 months approx.. What should i go for?

  5. i want to ask which phone should i go
    i have a budget of aprox 20-23k
    and i am looking for a dual sim phone and having an expendable memory card capacity

    and few phones my friends told me about are |
    sony xperia c3 dual sim
    htc desire 816 dual sim (also wanna know is this device discontinued , as one shopkeeper told me so)
    moto g 2nd gen

    please let me know which one should i go for out of these 3 and any other you suggest

    thanx in advance
    and a happy new year 2015

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