Sony Xperia Agent Concept Demo at MWC 2016 (Move Over Alexa)

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We got hands on with the new Sony Xperia X line at MWC 2016, however that’s not the only neat item from the event. XDA TV Host TK shows off Sony’s quirky Xperia Agent personal assistant. This item is still in the concept stage, but could it replace Amazon’s Echo? Check out this video and leave your thoughts below.

In case you missed it we showed you the LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the LG G5 app drawer, the Huawei MateBook, the Sony Xperia X line, a demo of Ubuntu Unity 8 and convergence, the Xiaomi Mi 5, the Samsung Connect Auto, Samsung Knox Customization, Jide Remix OS, interviewed the folks at honor and talked about app drawers from MWC 2016.

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17 Comments on Sony Xperia Agent Concept Demo at MWC 2016 (Move Over Alexa)

  1. Nice gimmick but really an impractical brick whose charms will probably wear out once you have to use it. Probably end up in a cupboard or being sold ASAP online to the next person?

  2. I have a kindle fire hdx7 and its bricked 🙁 I want to unbrick it so, I asked Root junky and he said sideload the os to it. how would I sideload the software to the device?

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