Sony Mobile MWC 2016 Press conference

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Join us for the announcement of our latest Xperia devices from Mobile World Congress 2016 at Barcelona.

50 Comments on Sony Mobile MWC 2016 Press conference

  1. i love taking pictures with my SONY SP too bad it got stolen last last week anyway i want to have SONY XP! weee! cant wait to have here in the Philippines… ?

  2. i dont like if sony loser than samsung,LG and apple….much contet i seen for compere between experia and rival,,experia always loser…pliss convey this for thx

  3. Rumors on Sony are more as the expectations are more. Well, I have written so many comments, but Sony deserves one here too. The company named for innovation lacks innovation. Marketing plays a vital role in succession. I ain't gonna complain about the display or RAM, Sony can keep up with the performance despite they lack liquid cooling. Still, I am also disappointed from Sony nowadays. I have been using Sony since K310i and their products and product lineup are dis-satisfactory. Xperia lacks on Camera performance, despite they own the Sony camera company too. Here an OIS should have been there, Sony neglecting the technology is a suicidal for Xperia. Brushed metal looked fine in the pic but not in this video. I don't know where this company is heading with its stubbornness, its future really seems to be fading. Ya, but I really don't want it for its quality and performance. But there really must be an innovation.

    False Move-
    1) Auto Focus is a hit and a miss
    2) No OIS
    3) trimmed .2"
    4) Battery reduction for every flagship product
    5) NO new innovations.


    1) Fixing all the above
    2) A model with 4K display, 4gb RAM, 5.2 or 5.5" screen size, 3700 mAh battery at this price!
    3) USB type-C
    4) An innovation to include an iris scanner in a smartphone.
    5) Changing the marketing guy.
    But unfortunately Sony is not gonna listen or change

  4. i just want to know why your company dose not support update the old devices to the new operation system "andriod" just like Apple company does
    shame on you

  5. when will Sony realise that their flagship phone cameras suck?

    the horrible camera software ruins everything… you know? Bad in low light, noise and color, the camera is also pretty slow when open camera app and save the pictures

    Sony must wake up right now! their competitors go further right now

    look what Samsung and Apple did with S7 edge and iPhone 6s Plus cameras.

  6. Sony is better than samsung and lg…u all just crazy with their design and u all just like it bcus they have a lot of different kind of phone…..SONY THE BEST…Sony the perfect smartphone ever..

  7. Por favor, saquen un terminal con el diseño como el del C5 Ultra quiten el sensor de huellas del costado y dejen la pantalla sin bordes laterales, coloquen el sensor de huellas sense ID en la parte de atrás y dejen los parlantes frontales que suenen bien… y hagan una buena camara con un rapido procesado de imagen y gran nivel de detalles tanto en fotos nocturnas y dejen el cristal esmerilado con los marcos de aluminio y ya esta la rompen en el mercado no sean brutos.

  8. It's nice how Sony started the Presentation with an Intro with their Previous Products and Ended it with an Outro that shows their New Products

    Also, I'm wondering what's the song in the outro

  9. After watching the presentation and i am very upset with the Sony.

    How come Sony allow all the media standing so close to the presenter and blocking the screen?

    The presenter is lack of showing the Xperia X feature!

  10. Sony needs to dumps this stupid horrible ad team marketing is a joke.. I look at the low likes and it makes me sick. Put up a fight against Samsung hit them hard with real ads that poke fun and rip apart their gimmicks.

  11. where is the emotion, the spirit and thr excitement presenting new Xperia Products! how the hell did he get his job as the CEO of Sony Mobile. I am a huge and loyal Sony Fan but with this Sony Mobile CEO you won't get attention.
    I would bring so much more passion, power and excitement for and to the Products and the Presentation!
    Give me his Job and I will make Xperia Number ONE on the Market!

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