Sony Details: The world’s best camera and camcorder in a waterproof smartphone

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Discover how Xperia Z2 helps you capture the perfect moment in perfect quality, ready to be shared with the world.

With Xperia Z2, we put all our imaging knowledge in the palm of your hand. Future-proof your memories with 4K recording, stabilise your videos with Steadyshot, and get creative with Timeshift video and slow-motion fun.

Express yourself wherever and whenever with Sony’s award-winning photo and video technologies, now in a slim 8.2mm Android smartphone.

Details Make the Difference:
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20 Comments on Sony Details: The world’s best camera and camcorder in a waterproof smartphone

  1. worst phone on the planet had 2 of them both were junk can not use the 4k footage unless you pay 90.00 of a program that can read the file. phone was screwing up like crazy the 4 k camera after 3 min of recoding cracks and shatteres the back of the phone as it gets hot enough to cook eggs on it wich is not safe either sony never put out a fix for that part on the X2 like they were supposed to.. go sony you stuff is junk these days time to hire some real engineers ya think

  2. i have the sony xperia z1 is there much differnce between the 2 i love my phone and for the last few years ive only had sony phones my upgrade is up soon is it worth swapping

  3. this might be the first smartphone phone i have to purchase yes i have been living in a cave really long long long long time, only using old old old clasic phones. and since i dont have one its time to get me one of these. 🙂 and i do really hope this smartphone would last me long, and waterprof.

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