Some Third-Party Repaired iPhones Bricked by New Update – IGN News

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It seems that iOS 9 may be ruining perfectly good iPhones for a number of users.

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43 Comments on Some Third-Party Repaired iPhones Bricked by New Update – IGN News

  1. No, touch I.D. is hardware encrypted to each and every logic board. This is for security reasons. However they didn't have to, samsungs finger print reader will work with every replacement. Apple is just being greedy assholes…and get your facts right IGN, you had 1 job.

  2. this isn't news to me. This has been an issue since they first implemented the touch ID home button finger print reader. Every chance they get to force you to go directly to them for repairs on parts that should be openly available to anyone willing to do the repairs themselves they take said chance. They want that might green paper in your wallet for no reason other than greed. Fact remains if you bring in your device for service they either attempt to talk you into buying a replacement or upgrading to the latest model OR even more insultingly they charge you more than the device's value for that one part that needs replacement. Replacing your mac books motherboard? that's 750$ please even tho it might only be a single transistor on the motherboard when your older mac book is worth less than that.

  3. I'm done with iPhones next time I get a phone. The fact that iPhones are MADE to only last a few years pisses me off. If you have a slightly old iPhone and update it to the latest OS, your phone runs like shit. This is why I can't update my iPhone if it's not the most recent one. I've been getting a lot of recommendations to switch to Android. Should I go with that?

  4. Back in the '80s when Steve Jobs left, it started the downhill for Apple. They slowly started releasing shitty products year after year they were slowly going down and finally he returned and put them back up during the late '90s. And NOW that Steve is gone SAME SHIT is happening. Slowly they're going down. But this time, Steve won't be here to save their ass.

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