Software Features of Lenovo K4 Note

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Here are some useful tips and tricks and Software features of Lenovo’s Vibe UI on K4 Note!

Software Features of Lenovo K4 Note


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32 Comments on Software Features of Lenovo K4 Note

  1. Hi, I am a first-time android user; I accidently removed the default clock(the one on the phone in this video; with location & weather within the circle) from the home screen. Can anyone suggest how to get that back; not able to find that in widgets!

  2. The video is absolutely good I came to know many things. But I wanted to know some more Can we lock our apps and unlock it by finger print . If not inbuilt is there any app available for that?

  3. You are so young and so focused…one of the best young talented in the world. Just a comment, try do do some video…like i.e. the one's of Yuri Palma or Giovanni Montaldo. Future is yours

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