Soda Dungeon (iOS/Android) Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Strategy Guide

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Some helpful tips and tricks for the new iOS and Android dungeon crawler Soda Dungeon!

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  1. No need to waste gold refreshing :3 Go back to title screen, click quit and save, go back in your save and BAM new fighters. Note: This will take some time but worth not wasting gold, if you keep doing it it'll be really fast :D

  2. How do u make the blacksmith get new weapons all I have for him is the ash armor and some swords I beat the game btw it's AMAZING but I become op at one point

  3. Good video. This is the only iPhone game I enjoy. Find myself spending hours on this game. It's so easy and accessible and very entertaining. And you really don't need to pay to get further

  4. Can you play marvel contest of the champions. It's like injustice but marvel you fight bad guys and you can play as Spider-Man wolverine and much more please play it it's pretty fun I'll give it 4 stars out of 5 so make sure you play it thank you!.

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