So, this is how Google autocomplete works

So, this is how Google autocomplete works

Google autocomplete feature has recently been accused of being politically biased. A YouTube video, posted by SourceFed claims the search engine giant failed to link “Hillary Clinton” with “crimes” and “indictment” in its autocomplete. It means when you type “Hillary Clinton cri” Google doesn’t suggest “Hillary Clinton crimes,” unlike Yahoo and Bing. So, Google just came up with a more clear and accurate explanation of how its autocomplete algorithm works.


Opposing to the way SourceFed explains the workings of a search engine; Google mentioned that its algorithm is designed in a way that filters for terms, which could link someone’s name with things that are potentially offensive or disparaging. This change was made a while ago following the response that its autocomplete often predicted offensive queries about people.

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If you’re still not convinced that Google autocomplete works that way, let’s try a similar test with Hillary Clinton’s conjectural competitor in this presidential race, Donald Trump. His ex-wife Ivana Trump accused him of rape during their divorce. She has since denied this, but it’s a real story, most people read this news and search for it. Interestingly, if you type “Donald Trump ra” Google search doesn’t return anything about the rape. So, if you still think Google is favoring Clinton, it means it favoring Trump too.


Following Google’s response, SourceFed is currently working on an update to this video. However, Google says feedback and scrutiny are always welcomed by them as it helps them to provide their best support to the customer.


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