Snapchat Tricks and Secrets (2015)

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Snapchat Tricks and Secrets from new Snapchat lenses to the new Snapchat update – I’ve got you covered! Want to know how to add that rainbow filter to your snaps? In this Snapchat Tutorial, I’ll show you how to add music to your snaps, multiple filters, new lenses, how to upload photos to Snapchat and how to replay snaps multiple times without the sender knowing.

Snapchat Tutorial 2015:

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45 Comments on Snapchat Tricks and Secrets (2015)

  1. Is there a way of reviewing snaps with out having to pay cos it's kinda annoying cos I sometimes accidentally press it without knowing and then I can't reply cos I don't know what they have said

  2. I learned this other hack that if sometimes there is not a lot of colored filters and to get what u color u want to pick a letter put the color fant that u want and large it and there u have it a colored filter

  3. Thanks Sunny! Loved this video. Thanks for the tips and hacks. Did you record this video with a little point and click camera, in video mode? #genius if you did. Anyway, I found you on Ghostcodes this morning, and trying to learn SC from the best. I am all over SM, but 2 weeks new to Snapchat. I am presenting at a Teacherpreneur Conference this weekend in Rochester NY and I will be sharing your account with my teacherpreneur friends! My SC username is helloliteracy. Thanks! Keep rockin' it!

  4. There is one trick and it's for reading what someone types to you without them knowing you have opened the snap, what you do is swipe the chat across but keeping hold of the bar still then double click the home button then the message will appear then once you've read it swipe the snapchat app up and then go onto the all again it will say that you've never read it ?

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