Snapchat Hacks/Tips! 2016

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Hey guys! It’s Haja! Today’s videos is a snapchat hacks/tips and tricks video mainly for beginners! Hopefully you learned something new! This is a collab with Alexia Thompson will be doing a whats on my phone video!

Giovanni Aceves

SNAPCHAT: imagineaja
INSTAGRAM: trulyhaja
WattPad: imaginehey

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For business inquires and wanting to collab ONLY:

What camera do you use?
Canon PowerShot Elph 160 (sorry if you hear a clicking sound in the video)

What editing system do you use?
VideoPad Video Editor (its a sucky editor)

How old are you?
A teenager

”God has given you this life to use wisely so each day think before you act, improve yourself and do things with the kindness of your heart!”

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  1. I also made a snapchat video about a week ago, check it out if you'd like. There are more hacks than tips and I have hacks that aren't on this video.

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