Smartphone in bed? Rather not, say researchers

Smartphone in bed? Rather not, say researchers

In the evening, do you stare at the screen of your smartphone in bed? Not such a good idea! Most of us do this almost every day. The New England Journal of Medicine writes, based on a research which shows that looking at the screen with one eye can cause temporary loss of vision. The problem can occur when users do this lying on their sides. And when they stand up from that position, the possibility exists that the view when they looked at the screen, is still held in the eye.

According to the researchers, in this situation, people enter on an effect where eyes adapt to a lit environment – the smartphone screen – to an otherwise dark environment. Adapting can sometimes take a few minutes to fifteen minutes making people get disoriented and start thinking and feeling that something much worse is going on, such as a stroke.

The researchers came to the conclusion after complaints from two women in the UK, who complained of loss of vision. Both women watched their smartphone display with an eye lying on their sides in the dark, while the other eye was covered with a pillow. The vision loss occurred because the “enlightened” view could not adjust quickly enough to the night area. The researchers claim that the temporary smartphone blindness’ is a relatively harmless phenomenon.


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