Smartphone battery test: iPhone 6S v Galaxy S7 v HTC 10 v LG G5 v Huawei P9 v Xperia Z5

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We’ve put some of the best flagship phones money can buy right now to the test. We pitted the iPhone 6S, HTC 10, Huawei P9, LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7 – the Exynos 8890 toting version – and Sony Xperia Z5 against each other.

Our camera and speed tests are now complete but now it’s time for our phones to take on the battery challenge.

31 Comments on Smartphone battery test: iPhone 6S v Galaxy S7 v HTC 10 v LG G5 v Huawei P9 v Xperia Z5

  1. I watch battery life videos all the time and this is by far the best layout I've seen. Dividing the screen up into squares and showing the battery percentages in a bar makes it super easy to see exactly what's going on. All videos should use this format

  2. You can mix the "actions" taken on the phones for a more real life test (send 100 text messages on a free chatting app like Kakaotalk, Watch 1 movie with volume turned up half way, browse the internet for 30 minutes, download / uninstall 20 apps from the PlayStore, and run a graphical benchmarking tool) This is just a suggestion / idea

  3. good try but pointless. Battery capacity is different, screen brightness could be different and most importantly inner configurations in order to control battery draining are totally different from device to device (for example, Xperia Z5's stamina mode)
    However a good effort guys but the accuracy matters.

  4. you should let them drained down to 10 percent because i found that for galaxy s7, it takes much much longer than other phones to drop the battery from 20% to 10%

  5. i understand that iPhone 6S has a lower power on 1750mAh and the others has about 2800mAh (about 60% more battery power ).

    So if test shows 22 for iPhone at the end it should be about the double, about… 40-45 on this video test, and in that way the iPhone should be in the 3´rd, 4´th place i think.. or was my calculations incorrect?

    And they should take a "light-meter" to have same brightens on screen to do the test.. screen usually takes about 10-20% of the battery if its in full brightness, but the brightness should be different in "max" on every phone, so a light-meter on that.

  6. You have to do something about the brightness. Set them all at the same brightness. Otherwise it's not fair to some phones that are capable of hitting high brightness levels.

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