Smartphone Awards: 2015!

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The Best Smartphones of 2015!

On the “Perfect” Smartphone in 2015:

Top Big Phones [0:41]
Best Compact Smartphones [1:58]
Best Smartphone Camera [2:56]
Top Budget Smartphone [4:35]
Best Battery Life [6:31]
Most Improved [7:45]
Top Design Award [8:21]
Bust of the Year [9:26]
Best Smartphone of the Year [10:09]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5:
Galaxy Note 5 Review:

LG V10:
LG V10 Review:

Google Nexus 6P:
Nexus 6P Review:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus:
Galaxy S6 Edge Review:

Apple iPhone 6s:
iPhone 6s Review:

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact:

OnePlus X:
OnePlus X Review:

Moto X Pure Edition:
Moto X 2015 Review:…

49 Comments on Smartphone Awards: 2015!

  1. I guessed most of the ones that were 1st place, especially all of the Note 5's wins. (I have a Note 5). Didn't know that Blackberry's ran stock android. Personally, I like the glass on the back of the phones vs the Leather and Medal. It just makes it more sleek. However, Aluminum is damn fine as well.

  2. 6:36 Best battery life. You forgot the Cubot H1 which with it's 5200mah removable battery (yes I do also carry a fully charged spare) beats the Motorola hands down. For £99 (when I bought mine) its also incredible value for money

  3. I'd love a full review of a Microsoft phone at some point. I love my Surface Pro 3, and I'd like something that integrates well with it, but I haven't heard great things about their phones.

  4. my 6p battery life is below average.. can't get through the day without a charge. 6p shouldn't even be mentioned in regards to good battery life, and yes I have Android 6.0.1 with doze, Bluetooth and location off, and data off while on wifi, AND im extra stingy with app permissions. battery still sucks ass despite all of this

  5. PLEASE HELP! I am currently looking for a new phone. Right now I have LG G3 but it is starting to get slow, battery life sucks and I'm sick of it overheating. I'm looking for a phone with an under 5.2" display and a great camera, good battery life and premium build quality. I like the Sony Xperia M5 but I hate the UI. My budget is sub- 500 dollars. I would consider an iPhone 6 but I've heard it has poor battery life (its also quite expensive) can someone help me?

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