Smartphone Awards: 2014!

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Best Smartphone options of 2014!

The Dream Smartphone, 2014:

Top Big Phones [0:55]
Best Compact Phones [2:59]
Best Smartphone Cameras [4:44]
Best Budget Smartphones [6:42]
Most Improved Smartphone [8:34]
Best Windows Phones [9:26]
Craziest Design [10:04]
Bust of the Year [10:41]
Best Smartphone of the Year [11:29]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review:

iPhone 6 Plus:
iPhone 6 Plus Review:

Nexus 6:
Nexus 6 Review:

Samsung Galaxy S5:
Samsung Galaxy S5 Review:

LG G3:
LG G3 Review:

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact:

Samsung Galaxy Alpha:
Samsung Galaxy Alpha Review:

iPhone 6:
iPhone 6 Review:…

34 Comments on Smartphone Awards: 2014!

  1. You give mad love to the Droid Turbo in it's review but then suddenly all the love for Motorola goes towards the Moto X? Damn son, what changed for ya? It's mid-2016, I bought the Turbo 1 b/c it's hecka cheap now and I switched to Verizon, and I absolutely love it, it's like having a real smartphone for the first time.

  2. I think you need to join with others so our can do more fast but have more free time for yourself by doing category reviews each does a review of the same device like gaming ,social, tech , and etc

  3. I really believe u have a lots of smartphone bro especially the older smartphone, would u tell, are u still use all of that? or for what u still have it even you could get the new newest. I mean would u give me one of your older smartphone. i know its so embarrassed to tell u this. but i really get the smartphone especially the iPhone, cz I'd really wanna have and try the touch ID. anyway. I'm so appreciate if you give me one ?

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