Smartglass by Laforge Optical looks ordinary but is astoundingly advanced

Smartglass by Laforge Optical looks ordinary but is astoundingly advanced

The smartglass is no longer designed only by Google that failed to stir enough attention in the market. Laforge Optical, a startup specialized in designing smart wearable (glasses), which looks remarkably ordinary and fashionable, however, smart enough to bring all the notifications in your smartphone to appear on its glass; hence saving you from the trouble of frequently taking your phone out to check for important notifications.

“We really wanted to make sure the product that debuts next year isn’t lacking, so we’ve opened up our process to other developers”

stated by the CEO of Laforge Optical, Corey Mack.

Presently, this startup has launched its very first smartglass called “Icis” that was previously charged $200 on its webpage.


The primary difference between Icis and Google smartglass is that you can integrate all the smart functionalities into your prescribed glasses helping you to see clearly. You can easily enjoy all the features of a hands-free smartphone without combining anything high-tech in your glasses.

There are numerous glass frames available to choose from, and once you have settled your mind the next thing to do is sending your prescription through an eye specialist. A pair of brand new and highly functional pair of ordinary yet “smartglasses” will be designed for you.


All the incoming notifications in your smartphone will be directly channelled to your smartglass with the help of an app “SocialFlo” starting from simple messages, facebook and twitter notifications to sudden turns if needed for changing directions while you’re travelling in your vehicle. The Icis smartglasses have battery longevity up to 6 hours.

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The whole campaign for this project that has been undertaken by Indiegogo managed to accumulate $5000 of its $80,000 mark, and by paying $6000 you will be entitled to receive Icis beta kits, while also giving you the freedom to design a personalized pair of frames for the unique structure of your face.

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