Sketchup #01 | HTC One M10 | Concept

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Rudi here. Finally not Planet Coaster

This is a concept for my dream android phone I made a few month ago. It was done way ahead of the HTC 10 leaks.

So everything packed together in this phone is entirely fictional and my own desire of the perfect phone.

Obviously it doesn´t differ too much from current versions of HTC models, but this is due to the fact that I really like the Design of the HTC phones

If the video is appreciated I might upload some other Sketchup projects I made in the past.

Hope you enjoy the video. Every thumbs up is warmly welcomed and if you wanna stay informed about the building process and future projects, simply subscribe to the chanel


# PC Specs

I5 2500k
GeForce 970GTX
pretty nice keyboard and a clicky mouse!

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