Should You Upgrade to iOS 6? (…and News You Can Use)

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29 Comments on Should You Upgrade to iOS 6? (…and News You Can Use)

  1. I think that iOS6 still has a bunch of bugs that need to be fixed… no matter what device it is running on (Yes, I have them all) But it is still great compared to the other versions

  2. Yes and yes. You will lose Youtube app after doing so but that is no big deal cause you can download a new free youtube app from itunes store, heaps available. I updated my ipod 4th gen today and it works fine.

  3. last nite i tried to update my 4s to ios 6 from itunes and i have received an error, it said to continue by clicking (ok) it would delete all media…..i do not want to lose my pics…right now i can not use my phone…what should i do? please help a bro out, thanx!

  4. The problem with Apple…
    They are like a bullied nerd that has suddenly discovered a hand-gun. Now they are the bullies.. but much worse than any of there predecessors. Monopoly is the name of their game and they are doing their utmost to achieve that end. They are a hardware company essentially. Eventually they will be re-branding products from other manufacturers and using their Apple brand to sell them for top dollar.
    Wake up people and stop blindly supporting them… before its too late

  5. As much as i quite like OS6 i'm so glad i stuck with Android, I deliver for Dominos so it's absolutely crucial my maps are pin-point accurate or my manager puts his boot up my arse for slow deliveries

  6. I see some titles of these Geek Out vids that interest me, but I really don't want to have to flick through it to get to that part. I preferred it when you used to upload separate videos, so that I would know right away if it would interest me, with the Geek Outs I just don't know so I don't tend to watch anymore 🙁

  7. Yes, I don't think you should upgrade depending on your circumstances. Living in a city & not having a car, I rely on the Maps app to give me public transit directions and times (like when is the next bus). Apple Maps does not even have this functionality, and after using my friend's phone with iOS6, it gives wrong directions all over Boston. He regrets upgrading… But I kinda want my 2.5GB back (1/2 my free space) that Apple is holding hostage w/ the iOS6 installer. Maybe I'll jailbreak…

  8. It's a way of trying to force you to upgrade. They're holding a large % of your device's capacity hostage & saying "Na-ah you can't have it back until you behave and do what you're told". 8GB iPhones lose over a quarter cap. Features/HW too: Siri – no reason it's not on the 4. It's an app.

    Mac OSX too: want to continue developing iOS apps, or use Messages/Notes/etc – upgrade to 10.7 & then 10.8, again no technical reason.

    It's fine, until they fuck something up (Apple Maps, SMB Shares, etc).

  9. You kinda have to upgrade… it automatically downloads the iOS6 installer onto your iPhone the moment it's on WiFi, taking up ~2.5GB of space, and there's no way to get rid of it or say no. So if you want your space back, you need to upgrade…. or jailbreak (which I'm doing).

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