Shadowgun Deadzone Tips & Tricks

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Hey guys, For a change, I’m doing a TPS Game video!
The game is called Shadowgun Deadzone, and it is available for :
1) PC
2) MAC
3) Apple OS (ios)
4) Android
And it can also be played on facebook.!

Get the game here (it’s free!) :

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43 Comments on Shadowgun Deadzone Tips & Tricks

  1. your tips at zone D is useless, shotguns aren't used for timids, you can sprint directly to your enemy and knock him down, then kill him, because he's afraid, you can see he is always hiding, for who want to know how to get through the lasers, in trainyard, add me jasonkhoo25

  2. look if u r playing on the train map u don't drop down to get zone C u stay upstairs
    If u r trying to get the enemy zone C down on the train map u need 2 person one person to capture the zone the other to spawn camp btw I m lvl 18 name is Operation US.U.C.K

  3. Why in Da Blue fuck am I watching a nobody that's in level 18 I'm level 43 and for those who wanna be my friend sure my username is {D13}EvilThug5150 Yea my clan is {D13} if u want clan we have to test u but other than that once again why in da blue fuck am I watching a noob

  4. Another trick. When you play the first match of the day use zone control only. When you need  like 1000xp to level up play deathmatch. If you do, then you'll get 5000×2 = 10,000 cash.

  5. before you reach level 20 you must learn tips and tricks and master them, level 30 – 50, im on 19 and i really dont want to rank up i need to master the shadowgun skills

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