Secret USB Cable Trick

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I just found this Secret USB Cable Trick and for $9 it’s legit! You can Supercharge multiple devices through 1 port! The New Macbook from 2016 needs this big time
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USB ports are pretty boring. Nothing really has changed until 2016 with the new MacBook only having 1 USB-C port. It sucks! This product maximizing a single USB port and essentially it’s a USB Hack! Each cable attaches to each other so you can have tons of devices attached! Stuff like this gives me hope for the new MacBook and other laptops like the HP Spectre becoming thinner and thinner and removing ports.


39 Comments on Secret USB Cable Trick

  1. This guy is retarded..

    How to get views: pop a camera up in front of you and babble nonsense and get views..

    Who the fuck thinks that laptops are going to "discontinue" USB ports…

  2. This is clickable and a terrible product. I hope that you didn't trick anyone into wasting their money on this. I spent like five bucks on a usb hub which gives me four extra ports.

  3. Don't charge your phone with your laptop please unless your in desperate need of a charge lol. Buy a good battery bank. Orrr if you need to use 1 USB port for charging and the rest for other things like connecting mouse and or a headphone sound card DAC/AMP combo or anything else that doesn't need a charge on the same cable.

  4. this is literally the stupidest video i have ever seen. he is doing an actual, legitimate video about cables that you can plug into eachother and bring your charge speed to like 1% per hour… dont buy apple crap, you can get any laptop that costs half the price of this and have more ports and better hardware. nobody needs half a foot of usb's sticking out of their laptop. you can just get a portable battery to charge your phone for half the price of this instead and still have enough ports on it with each port having a full charhe speed.

  5. this video is useless , each time you add a cable you substitute the power and data delivery by 3x , having so much cables is usless get a hub its cheaper and better and for the finish if you do dare to load all of your stuff like he tried , you will mostly burn your universal serial bus chip , leaving you with out any connectivity so rip and btw you can buy subs with subbot , look at the dudes subs most of them are fake lol

  6. Cheapest piece of shit product I have ever seen, the colours are cancer cables are too long and if you bump that nasty block of usb hubs looks like it could easily screw up your laptops usb port. And A simple usb hub would fix all your problems.

  7. This is an example of being sponsored by a dumb product. Wonder how much they paid him for that flimsy piece of crap advertisement. $20 dollars for a daisy chain cable just plain stupid. As far as laptops only having 1 port that is an Apple thing not the superior race of a pc. My advice buy a real laptop for less money that has usb ports. Hell with the money you save on buying this stupid product and mac book you might be able to buy two!

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