Say no to tedious passwords, unlock your phone with Care Bears

Say no to tedious passwords, unlock your phone with Care Bears

If you got tired of unlocking your smartphone with a string of alphanumeric passwords (your birthday or your credit card number!), or some smudgy, smeary dot to dot patterns it’s time to say no to them –  that’s a pretty old way. IconLogin has launched the Care Bears Lock Screen app for Android devices, which brings the iconic care bears as the protector of your phone.

The Care Bears Lock Screen app gives you the opportunity to use images of your favorite Care Bear characters in place of long string passwords or annoying patterns. This is not only easier to remember, but also more secure as the company claims. Instead of adopting a static layout, the images appear in a different style each time you try to unlock the device, making it nearly impossible for anyone else to hack your password.


“Our Care Bears Lock Screen turns the everyday act of unlocking a phone into something visual and fun,” said Schehrezade Davidson, CEO of IconLogin. “Picture Passwords are easy to use and remember, and they are difficult for an unauthorized user to guess.”

You’ll be greeted by a free “Care-moji” keypad carrying 12 Care Bear images when you first download the app. Your job is simple here; just choose four of those images to create your Picture Password sequence. Each time you try to unlock the device, all the 12 “Care-moji” images will appear, but in a randomized order. Your device will be unlocked after you’ve chosen the correct four emojis in the same order.

The app is available in the Google Play Store completed with “Care-moji” keypads. So, if you want to protect your phone with so much adorability, download it for free.


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