Say goodbye to Facebook Chat on your Mobile

Say goodbye to Facebook Chat on your Mobile

Personally, I find it utterly irritating for having two distinct apps for using Facebook; you know, one for surfing while the Facebook Chat is for exchanging text messages as well as any forms of files ranging from texts, numbers and even presentation slides. By now I am sure even you have been asked several times for installing a separate Messenger after signing into your account using its mobile version of the website.

Meanwhile, Facebook promises to deliver the ultimate entertainment of social media by forcefully making users like you and me download and install Facebook Messenger, instead of simply tapping on its “Inbox” for messaging, which is super annoying.

Recently, Facebook’s mobile web version shows the following message,

“Your conversations are moving to Messenger”

Followed by

“Soon you’ll only be able to view your messages from Messenger.”


Right now, you can simply cross out this message, however, it will not be possible to ignore soon in the future, while also losing its functionality to enable you to communicate with others. The only solution, download the Facebook Messenger app or simply stop using Facebook.

The news has disappointed millions of users like me living in various parts of the world. For me, I am really not comfortable in downloading two distinct applications for using Facebook, maybe I will permanently stop using this.

To make matters more favorable for this social network called Facebook, it recently discovered the Facebook Messenger’s massive potential that can skyrocket the company’s stock value. Moreover, Facebook is aware of its users those who use its service with tremendous addiction; hence ending up spending more than 5 hours every day on average without even knowing. Thus, the founder of PirateBay has named Zuckerberg as the Dictator of Facebook Nation.

I hope all these cunning tricks of Zuckerberg remain confined within the mobile version of its website and do not get introduced in the desktop/laptop version. Well, there is already a website of Facebook Messenger for letting you access your inbox through the desktop computer.

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