Save Battery Life in iOS 8 – Top 10 Tips & Tricks

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See the Top 10 Best Tips and Tricks on how to Save Battery Life in iOS 8. Use these easy tricks to help you Save Battery Life & use your iPhone Longer!!
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Watch the video to see the simple Tips & Tricks on how to Save Battery Life in iOS 8!

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30 Comments on Save Battery Life in iOS 8 – Top 10 Tips & Tricks

  1. Funny watching this. My everyday phone is not a smartphone…due to my work, phones tend to get damaged easily so I just use cheap phones. My current phone is a Samsung that has no camera and almost no apps. BUT it does get over 2 weeks between charges :-)

  2. Great videos! I am getting my IPhone 6 tomorrow, and I'm coming from the Galaxy Note world. One question I have is regarding WIFI. I was able to set my Galaxy Note to first use WIFI, before using my wireless coverage. It saved me from using too much wireless data via my carrier. Is there a way to make sure my IPhone uses my WIFI before it uses cellular wireless, especially at home? Thanks, and I've been learning a lot from you vids!!

  3. It also helps to shut down the phone when you won't use it for awhile. Hold lock screen button until u get the option then slide. Also restart ur phone if u have issues. Hold lock button and home button for 10 seconds then it restarts. Hope this helped. It helps me

  4. hey my problem is a llitle diffrent then what this video is about yes its about my battery life and when it reaches to 20% the batttery goes flat before it when flat when it was on 0% but know the battery goes flat when its on 20% so what do i do with my problem and they is away to fix it how do i do that?

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