Sarojini Nagar Vlog : Travel with Me + Tips & Tricks. /Indian Thrift Shopping :)

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Hello Everybody!
Since sooooo many of you asked various questions regarding Sarojini Nagar Market, here is a Vlog today which will give you some idea of what’s it all about. I will also show you my Favourite Lanes…. (Actual Vlog starts at 5.20! And…You’re Welcome! ­čśë ­čśŤ
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27 Comments on Sarojini Nagar Vlog : Travel with Me + Tips & Tricks. /Indian Thrift Shopping :)

  1. Absolutely loved your blog ­čÖé this is the best sarojini nagar vlog? very useful .. Iam far away from Delhi but I definitely wanna visit Delhi just for shopping??´╗┐

  2. ?? ? wow every tiny details u share with us… Just love it… ? Keep giving us these kinda tips ? n tricks that'll hlp us a lot…?
    N I want that u also provide same kinda details of other street shopping place(Lajpat n aol)´╗┐

  3. You have an amazing channel I can't wait to see you grow! I subbed and gave you a thumbs up! I also have a channel and I would like to invite you to come check it out and sub back? I would appreciate it xoxo :)´╗┐

  4. my sarojini queen :* amzing and very helpful vlog someday or other if i visit their i will surly dowload this video wen i visit der so that i can reach to ryt plces where i cn get amzing stuff <3 :P´╗┐

  5. love every sarojini video…m going there from ma mom use to gave me ice cream as a bribe so that i can't disturb her.??.and now it is ma fav place for shopping.i do shop ma creamic ware from dos shopes only.every lane of sarojini is ma favourite..luv dis place´╗┐

  6. U knw I have watched one of ur sarojni vlogs in which u mentioned tht one shud try to go there on Monday. just after tht vlog I went there on Monday n I felt Monday is the bst day for those who hate crowded places n hate bargaining bez tht days it was less crowded n things were at such a low price tht I hardly felt to bargain. …thnx for ur advice..luv u´╗┐

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