Samsung Wireless Charging Battery Case For Galaxy S7 Edge

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Samsung Wireless Charging Battery Case For Galaxy S7 Edge
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3100mAh capacity for extended use and multiple charges
• Supports pass-through charging, the LED by the volume buttons should be lit blue and the white LEDs representing battery life of the battery pack should be blinking (how many are lit represents current charge of battery – when all 4 are solid, pack is fully charged), If the phone is not charging while unit is plugged in, press the power key by the 4 LED lights to start charging
• Power key to check battery life or activate wireless charging (single press), hold down for 3 seconds to cancel wireless charging to conserve battery
• Will automatically stop wireless…

26 Comments on Samsung Wireless Charging Battery Case For Galaxy S7 Edge

  1. I think that the case and the price is phenomenal, hopefully they come out with version of this for the new Note in the fall. $70 is a little high, but a Zero Lemon is $60-$65. I think the extra $5 is worth OEM quality. great video!

  2. dude I have to disagree with the battery life. I work at a hospital and use my phone all DAY and still have plenty of power left. I have that charger and barely use it on the go when I travel and more. On another note, that case charger is legit I don't go anywhere without it just in case, but 9 times out of 10 I don't need it. OH and make sure you have it on power saving mode. supposedly it doesn't operate as well on that mode but I can vouch that's not the case and it will save you LOTS of battery power in the longrun.

  3. I usually agree with almost everything you say in your videos. But I kind of take issue with what you said about the battery life on this phone. It has the best battery life of any phone I've ever used, and most of the other reviewers say the same thing. It's one of the things everyone Raves about it. I never get to the end of the day with my phone running out of juice.

  4. Hey Flossy bro. I used to not like your videos because of how you did your videos but I have actually come around to the "BEAST MODE". Lol thanks for BEAST MODE bro. I like every video I watch now and am subbed .

  5. Love your videos Floss- made my own tech channel a year ago in large part because of your channel. Think you live in Jamaica which is where I was a couple years ago. Keep up the good work.

  6. @flosscarter the closes Wegmans to u is in NJ right out of satin island a small hall for u but it's worth it I'm telling u bro best store near me I would not steering a New Yorker to a bad place I go there 2 or tines a week best subs everything my dude clean food for daughter of I have 2 kids

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