Samsung Wireless Charger: Fast Charge

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Samsung’s new wireless charger comes with fast charging technology that gives your ‪Galaxy S7 and S7 edge‬ enough power to continue what you were doing.
Find out what you can do with 10 minutes of charging.

All you have to do is place your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge on the wireless charger. With the upright angle, you can continue using your phone even when it’s being charged.

*The wireless fast charging feature is compatible with Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note5 and Galaxy S6 edge+. Universal wireless charging at regular speeds is available for all other Qi-enabled devices.

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48 Comments on Samsung Wireless Charger: Fast Charge

  1. Apple is never gonna make a edge screen. But when they do it, Samsung has maked a time machine. I think that true. But when Apple can make the same time machine, the world has ended. BTW Apple is mean to be eated, not brake when someone take a little hard on it. Helloooooo!…. Thats easy to understand! OMG. Apple isnt better than it grows on trees and fells of and brakes after 5 weeks. ??

  2. @samsung, we want a removable battery and a removable micro sd card. That should be your fundamental basis for all future Note series design. Looks like I will be getting a LG.

  3. Come on now…Samsung is screwing up once again with this year's Note 7 by only putting a 3600 mAh battery in it! If the rumors and leaks are true then that would be an absolute terrible decision! You don't give the higher spec'd Note 7 the same battery that's in the Galaxy edge 7! Other competitors to the new Note will definitely put bigger batteries in their phones! The Note 5 was a huge mistake and you'd think they'd make up for it with at least a 4000 mAh battery. Smh

  4. Galaxy 7 was released March 11th 2016. I probably received my "Fast Wireless Charging Pad" March 18th 2016 at the latest. I cannot find this Video on Samsungs Facebook acct and oddly enough I'm not finding any other Wireless Charging Pad Videos on this channel. So apparently this product really isn't new; its just a reminder?

  5. bought this thing good,when it feels like working…half the time I set my phone on it and the light just blinks instead of charging my note 5..I wake up and my phone is dead instead of fully charged ..what a waste of 70$!

  6. Not worth it. Takes literally 4 in a half hours to charge my S7 when my standard cord that comes with the device charges my phone in about a hour and 45 minutes tops.. Kinda insulting that this has the name fast charge to tell you the truth when it couldn't be farther from the truth. Trust me save your money!

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