Samsung Smart TV Explained and Hands On

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2013 Samsung Smart TV:

There is a competition to win a Samsung TV as well. The link to the competition is here

This is my explanation of What is Smart TV on the Samsung 2012 TV Lineup. The 2013 Samsung Smart TV user interface has been slightly revamped with a cleaner look however the functionality is still very similar.

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23 Comments on Samsung Smart TV Explained and Hands On

  1. Need help my devant smart tv have problem in youtube app :(, now it's always low quLity when i play videos 🙁 need help please, PS my internet is good what is the problem of this any one know reply asap :)

  2. but samsung tv-s dont have flash player and dont support watching stream live programs and that is very shiity !! so whoever buys Samsung smart TV-a think twice or buy additional smart Tv box with android

  3. If you want a good smart tv experience with the 3D feature for a good price look into getting LG best bang for your money..I've own Samsung there great but Lil moor over price imo

  4. I used to have an app to play my CDs called AV. I also have an extended
    hard drive attached and if I wanted that I had one called USB. I was watching that just now but clicked the wrong button. Now the list of my recently used items has disappeared. How do I get them back?

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