Samsung s7 edge Water Test in salt water at Hanauma bay in Hawaii

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Testing the s7 edge in salt water at hanauma bay in Hawaii. I even uploaded straight from phone no editing ..quality is amazing thank you Samsung for the best phone on the market

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  1. i did the same thing as you, just a fun play with sea water like that, but appearantly my charger dock is unchargeable now. its confusing, do you have any solutions?
    +i rinsed with fresh water. to make sure the sea salt is clean

  2. I went to the beach on Friday and it's Sunday now. I tried blow drying it and putting it on rice. finally it charge up to 4% decided to turn it on and it started glitching. I stop charging it and put it back in the rice. should I be worried. any advice what to do?

  3. how long overall was it in the saltwater? and how long did you wait until rinsing it with fresh water? taking mine to the beach and the video and photos are so much clearer without a waterproof case. I did see a video were they show some corrosion in the charging port. but I dont think they rinsed it.

  4. i hesitatingly do it like you did in saltwater at the beach but i wonder S7 edge will be fine? your s7 edge is ok after recording? i think if i bring s7 edge in the saltwater to recording, i will immediately rinse with freshwater after finishing.

  5. Mine didn't survive I showered mine in tap water but it's not turning on. I buried it in a bowl of rice, will leave it for two days or so maybe more, if it doesn't come on I will take it to the dealer for a refund, it's not waterproof at all and they're advertising it, and I didn't even dip it underwater like this guy just taking pictures from the beach shore.

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