Samsung S-View Flip Cover review for Galaxy S7 edge

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The official S-View Flip Cover is a popular choice for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It protects your screen when you’re not using it and gives you access to some of your phone’s features through a window interface. See at Amazon:

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11 Comments on Samsung S-View Flip Cover review for Galaxy S7 edge

  1. I got this case and there is a frustrating software bug regarding it.
    After a few days without restarting my phone even if the case is closed it continues to show the always on display instead the small window.
    Let's send more bug reports and feedbacks to Samsung so they fix this bug ASAP!
    It started to happen to me after a aways on display update about one month ago. And now even if I disable the feature the bug still happens after a a few days instead every day.

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