Samsung Official Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge S-View Flip/LED Wallet Covers!

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Here’s a review of Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Samsung official cases, the S-View Flip and LED Wallet covers.

Get them here: (be aware of fake copies!)
S7 Edge S-View Flip Cover –
S7 Edge LED Wallet Cover –
Galaxy S7 S-View Flip Cover –
Galaxy S7 LED Wallet Cover –

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VRS Design Cases for S7 & S7 Edge:

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40 Comments on Samsung Official Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge S-View Flip/LED Wallet Covers!

  1. high man,

    can you tell me which is thicker or if there is a difference.. the led wallet v. window s view(not the clear one). I got the window s view and see it isn't leather it more synthetic but I do like the window and I dont know if I can control my music with the led case.

    Could you buddha my life and enlightenme?
    goodbhighe friend,

  2. Hi Max. great review. Since I have this Led view I have two question. First, does it support wireless cahrging ?. Second I noticed that there is some chips on back side beneath this white barcode sticker. What is it for. NFC or wireless charging and should I put it off (this sticker= or leave it.

  3. They are not that protective, when you drop your phone the flap opens and the screen hits the ground uncovered, it has happened to me, I uploaded the videos to YouTube to share my concerns check it out, one vid is for the led case and another for the clear view cover but good video

  4. Communication, maybe by NFC, power by wireless as you said. If that's the case, could you in theory charge your friends phone in an emergency with a hack? I always thought those Qi/PowerQI pads were mono-directional.

    Edit: I took a chance and bought the official samsung Note 4 slim rugged case (not sure the technical name) and it was $10 at the time, but it's easily my favorite case I've ever used, nice and slim, excellent cut outs and it was one of the few cases that the buttons were well done and I didn't have a problem using and actually made the buttons easier to press. Though I have yet to find a good screen protector for the Note 4 due to the stupid beveled edges. Any suggestions (looking for glass)?

  5. It is funny to see you have all these expensive phones laying arround because I didn't see that from someone except me. I also have some phones in storage but primarily use an S5670 with a custom rom. And it just works so well with it that I stick with it. I really tried using a newer one (a few weeks ago one with 128gb, android 6 and so on) but I actually switched back due the size. Here in Germany, mobile phones are called "Handy", so I think that is the main purpose of them. For watching 4k movies, I would prefer a tablet. ;-)

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