Samsung Note 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Camera Test Comparison Review! (worth the upgrade?)

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If your coming from the Samsung Note 5 and ever wondered if its worth the upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge base on camera, look no further, check this in-depth camera comparison and find out for yourself if its worth the upgrade just basing on the camera performance.

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33 Comments on Samsung Note 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Camera Test Comparison Review! (worth the upgrade?)

  1. Damn. I didn't realize it was so close between the Note 5 and the S7/Edge.

    Video – The S7/Edge has much faster focus, slightly better low light performance, and definitely better noise reduction for extra noise, at the cost of some audio range (perhaps because of the water-proofing.

    The Note 5 is bit sharper, much better color reproduction and image stabilization.

    Still Images – The S7/Edge has better low-light performance (2 stops faster lens!), at the cost of 25% of the resolution, and some color saturation. Very aggressive sharpening post-processing, after noise reduction, gives kind of an off look to some edges. But great low-light focusing. Flash focusing, less blown-out highlights. Indoor shots with challenging lighting, the S7/Edge has tiny bit better exposure, less blown out highlights.

    The Note 5 takes great low-light shots considering the f/1.9 which is good in of itself. Much better color reproduction in low-light conditions. Daylight conditions, the Note 5 has truer tones, but also less aggressive post-process over sharpening.


    At this point, it really comes down to personal preference regarding these cameras. But if you have a Note 5, no need to rush out and get the S7/Edge just for the camera, because the Note 5 camera is pretty badass as is, even if it ain't the newest camera, and it could get improvements with Marshmallow. I'd suggest getting the S7/Edge for the microSD card slot, and water-proofing. But if you're looking to get the best camera, especially with exceptional video stabilization, the Note 5 is clearly ahead in that department. But the S7/Edge's super snappy instant focus is no joke. There's no clear overall winner, only a matter of preferences, and choices depending on your priorities and other hardware considerations regarding both devices.


    Damn good comparison video, the best one I've seen comparing these 2 devices. And yes, before you ask, I've already liked, shared your video, and subscribed 🙂

    Thank you for posting this.

  2. I've been looking for for a comparison like this, what I found was a great channel!!! Much thanks, keep it up! for now I'm going to keep my Note 4 and wait for the next Note. My wife has the S7 Edge so I can take pictures as well. Both the Note 5 and & Edge are great shooters.

  3. I think overall, I prefer the Note 5. I really don't like the extra warmth the S7 adds in it's post processing. I think I'll carry my S6 (same optics as the Note 5) for a little bit longer.

  4. Thanks to you're video I plan on purchasing a note 5, the video stabilization is no joke! Or is it possible for the video stabilization for s7 to be better??

  5. Выглядит так, словно на Note 5 была включена еще и софтовая стабилизация в дополнение к оптической, а у S7 только оптическая. Нереально стабильная картинка у Note 5

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