Samsung Good Lock UI update to Touchwiz review

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Today we get a glimpse of the New TW that Samsung is working on with Good lock. I give a comparison on the S7 and S7 Edge.

I like some features and am confused by some of other decisions they made.

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41 Comments on Samsung Good Lock UI update to Touchwiz review

  1. only issue I had was it drained my battery quicker but think that might have been due to the UK being location based and everything I turned the location off when I unlocked my phone it would pop up with a location setting request witch lead to me uninstalling it if they disabled that I think it would be brilliant

  2. I hope samsung will see this, if they do pls bring back the ability to view all music tracks in lock screen that way we dont have to unlock our device to select a specific song. Also pls give us the ability to change a song through the ear piece, like it was on blackberry earpiece, long pressing the volume up will go to previous music and long pressing the volume down will go to next music.

  3. the one thing I don't understand it why do people like more apps on lock screen ? might as well don't have a lock screen and just click your apps through the main screen … I would think it would be quicker

  4. They updated the app, and I like the update for fixing the bugs …. but they fucking ruined the looks. They removed the background blur for notifications etc, not the notification screen looks like shit and stands out. And my clock on the background overlaps with the "notifications/keep" part which is see trough. So I cannot read it and it just looks horrible.

    I want that fucking blur back .. and I want better integration for the app with the themes from the theme store. AND I WANT A DARK THEME .. besides we should be allowed to pick all the colors not just a mediocre washed out main color

  5. Great review. I think we have the same likes and dislikes when it comes to this. Samsung loves pastel colors so the color palate is not my favorite, integrating better with themes is a must. I ultimatley uninstalled it because when i would reboot the phone it would try to change my theme and in some instances it was all messed up as i couldn't see the numbers on my phone dialer. It's a good first effort and i hope they can improve. I would like to see the recent apps revert back to what they have in Touchwiz which is closer to ASOP.

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