Samsung Gear VR Review and my experience using the Galaxy S7 Edge.

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Hey guys today I have for you a review of the gear VR and my experience using it with the Galaxy S7 Edge and testing it with the Note 5 while I was at mwc.

Having this gear VR headset free when you pre-order the S7 or the S7 Edge I believe is a great bonus.

Hope you guys like the review let me know what you guys think of it in the comments below

Thank you

if you want to get it by itself for your Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge

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42 Comments on Samsung Gear VR Review and my experience using the Galaxy S7 Edge.

  1. My phones got really hot using it but haven't had any warnings telling me to take my phone out. Find the quality a lot of the times not as HD as i'd like.

  2. does the s7 gear vr work with the amazon gamepad to play minecraft? I'm trying to find a cheap gamepad compatible with the s7 gear vr. my moga pocket doesn't, neither does my wired xbox or ps4 controller

  3. I received a gear VR for free with my Samsung galaxy 7 edge. What a let down! I'm tall with a wider head so the piece of crap is useless because of the blur. I just doesn't work for me at all. Some sort of adjustment would make sense, when you consider that not ever one is the exact same size. I tried selling it, but the most I can get is about $20.

  4. I didnt used it with my glasses yet.. mainly because in the manual it says its not recommended. At the end of your video i see you put it on with your glasses, but was that mainly for the video or you use it anyway like that?

  5. i got mine on 28mar…but i have also bought one because iam a gemini and have no patience…lol anyway…i like it alot my only issue so far is its hard to keep the lenes clean.

  6. Good review. I wish that someone would discuss the free bundle and what to expect or discuss each VR SW package. I received my Gear VR headset. Love the VR photo gallery! Egypt, Rome, Paris etc. Amazing! Still trying to learn the ins and outs of the product. Don't fully understand if I am experiencing everything that I am supposed to with this bundle. Just want to see VR porn for the heck of it. Why not? Just don't know how to yet.

  7. Few questions:

    1. Can you damage the phone USB port from constantly placing the phone in the VR headset repeatedly?

    2. What is a cheap remote controller to use with the S7/Gear VR headset?

    3. How can you watch VR without using the Oculus Bundle such as Cardboard and other VR SW?

    4. (Not joking) How can you watch VR porn with the Gear VR? I just want to see what it's like. I've heard to much about it. I'm not a porn addict.

  8. Samsung really hit the VR sweet spot with the liquid cooled S7 and the Gear VR + the ability to use a 200 GB SD card to store all the content natively is a huge advantage over the competition. No question the S7 is going to be my next phone. Thanks for the video.

  9. how would you compare the note 5 to the s7 edge in the gear vr as to the resolution of the screen (screen door effect). How about the curve of the screen on the s7 edge, did you notice an effect when viewing vs the note 5

  10. Nice review. I find headphones a must with VR. also going to the Oculus store on your phone to download games/apps on your phone is way faster. make sure to try and see a video review of any game before you buy, some are cheap for a good reason. give your phone and lenses a good clean every time before use, try and warm up the goggle lens before use, and lastly Dreadhalls will make you crap your pants. I found that out the messy way! ?

  11. Overall a nice review but not a very detailed one. What about watching 3D movies through the VR headset … hows the experience as compared to watching 3D in theater. And one more thing, does prolong usage results in headaches or not? Would love to know your thoughts?

  12. Hey TK.. You have a very customer focused way of reviewing stuff.. Great work.. Does this work with any sort of case on? S7edge.. Like the minimum hard shell or that tpu cases you reviewed in your other video.. Thanks

  13. not many people have reviewed the vr head set which comes with the s7. thanks for posting.
    what apps /games are recommended with the vr. are they dedicated youtube channels for this device?

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