Samsung Gear S2 – Tips & Tricks

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Here’s a video on the Samsung Gear S2 where we go through all the features it offers. This is the smartwatch with the best battery life so far.

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49 Comments on Samsung Gear S2 – Tips & Tricks

  1. Thanks for a sharp, concise presentation that gets to the point.
    Samsung notified me I was able to get a FREE GearVR or the S2 watch with an S7 purchase.
    I've used Samsung TV's, Tablets, Phones, and SSD's. They make tremendous gear. The S7
    is my first Samsung Smartphone (I've had Apple, Motorola, and LG- All nice) and it distances
    itself from the rest of the pack. Their promo processing is lightning fast, in less than a week, I was told
    it is shipping. I was looking for a solid vid on the watch. THANKS, now a subscriber of your channel.
    Nice work!

  2. if you want to convince potential consumers to buy this watch, then you've got to test it out on your wrist. Doing otherwise gives the impression that it isn't convenient to use it while it's on your wrist… #my2Cents

  3. I'm a little confused with the gear s2. on Samsung devices u use gear manager to hook it up and get apps where as on other Android devices you use Android wear. the app stores are different though aren't they so would Android wear give it more apps to use than the gear manager?

  4. this whatch have failed in my eye's srry, im a iphone user and bought this crap because the said there will come an gear manager app late januari. Its almost end of Februari but still no app to find to pair it with the iphone. Samsung just disapointed every time again.

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