Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Tips and Tricks

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These are the best tips and tricks for your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and other recent tablets with Android Lollipop and TouchWiz.

9 Comments on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Tips and Tricks

  1. I noticed a three fingered swipe from the top left corner to the bottom right corner opens a floating window for website. Most sites anyway, even when presented in a web wrapper app. What i can't figure out is if there is a way to resize the window. Any help?

  2. it's very said to see the 4 ×3 aspect ratio on this new tab s 2 , also the IR blaster as been
    removed, which was a very good feature.
    What is very poor is that the tab s2 is running the old TouchWiz software, so thair is no theme support , how could Samsung release this new tablet with out of date software which will probably never get updated …….

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