Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 & 9.7 Tips and Tricks

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 & 9.7 Tips and Tricks

In this video I will show you some tips and tricks that you can use when using the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

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33 Comments on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 & 9.7 Tips and Tricks

  1. great tablet having it in my hands right now ? but the grey colour is not needed bcs of that the battery is large enough for a nearly full 12 hours (in real life ?)

  2. About the auto restart feature: did you notice that in the menu it says conditions only under which the tablet will restart at the selected time? One of them says that there has to be no SIM lock, so if you have an LTE version with a SIM card insterted make sure to either disable the PIN code or do not use the auto restart feature because it simply won't work ?

  3. Thanks for the great vids. Is there a way to use a pen with this like the s-pen? I like the tablet but have to have a pen. Why didn't Samsung just put one with it? Do you think they will have one again anytime soon on a tablet?

  4. nice video,, I do not have the smart manager on my samsung tab s2. and I don't see it in the Play Store do you have any thoughts on a good antivirus programs or getting smart manager??

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