Samsung Galaxy S8 is expensive to manufacture for Samsung!

Samsung Galaxy S8 is expensive to manufacture for Samsung!

After seven days of launching, we can assure you that Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are the best pairs of phones right now on the planet. But, you have to understand that, this phone is pricey too with all those Bixby, Infinity displays, and cameras. Samsung has wraparound some innovative tech inside that gigantic and futuristic display. However, Samsung had to pay a lot (slightly higher than GS7) for their new display technology. You have to make your credit card ready to pay $750 for the phone if you want to purchase one unlocked.

But, in Samsung’s logic, this phone did not make them lose money on per piece. After pushing towards the wall through those display innovations they came up with the manufacturing cost through Statista. It seems Samsung Galaxy S8 eats up the highest cost of manufacturing when compared to the rest of the phones in the world. However, iPhone 7 costs Apple only $224.8 per piece.

Samsung Galaxy S8 costs $307.5 per phone

Whereas, Samsung Galaxy S8 costs $307.5 per phone. This ensures the reliability and research & investment for what Samsung has made up. The report estimates that Samsung GS8 components cost $301.6 per phone with $5.9 basic manufacturing cost. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 cost $43.34 more than the previous generation S7, substantially costlier than iPhone 7 ($224.8) and Google Pixel (@285.8).

Infographic: Samsung's Galaxy S8 Is Expensive to Build | Statista

“While there are new non-hardware features in the Galaxy S8, such as a virtual assistant called Bixby, from a teardown perspective the hardware in the Galaxy S8 and that of the forthcoming new iPhone is expected to be very similar.”

Samsung argues that they have made the best processor, as well as reliability concerning the battery voltage and power. The money we are paying, around $400, was spent on advertising and marketing purposes. Though they cut the profit from there too.


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