Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge Must-have Accessories

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Reversible USB cable
Spigen Case for S7 edge
Spigen Case for S7
Update got this case and it seems to have smoother edgees and a little higher quality than the Spigen
Various colors of iRing kickstand
Rode videomic Me
Super fast Lexar 4k micro sd card used in my phone
Unlocked Galaxy s7 edge
Unlocked Galaxy S7

Self leveling Camera app seen in video Horizon
Aquarium app seen in the background

Dark Red Wine by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…)
After party
and search audio tracks for 24708910

33 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge Must-have Accessories

  1. that mic is actually a really good item. because the galaxy s7 is water proof the mic pick up is crap if you hold the phone too far away. it sounds like you're recording underwater the difference is crazy.

    If you record the video closer though the sound quality is great. the shotgun mic would be a great fix for that sacrifice of water proof on the galazy

  2. Nice video. Youtubers be warned, according to several reviews I've read, I learnt that the Rode mic makes a buzzing noise with some Android phones, including the Samsung note 5 and Samsung S6 active. S7 users seem to be fine with the mic.

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