Samsung GALAXY S7 – What to expect?

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Rumored to be released on January 2016. Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. We have compiled all the leaks and rumors so far, all you need to know about the Galaxy S7.

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  1. just how many foreign people trying to milk the english speaker nations , make a video for your own people ass wipe and suck the money out of them, we are paying 10 times more for things already compared to our parents thanks you fucking leeches all over the world using online adverting , advertise things what you can actually buy in your country or live here with us and pay our prices

  2. I heard some of my Chinese friend asked that why there are not so many people knowing about Chinese cell phone, I have many Chinese friends, some of them use some Chinese phone, I took a look at, they are much better than Samsung or LG, no matter the design, the display, the quality, I would say better than most of Samsung or LG, I heard they say because some American people have biased opinion to Chinese products, some American people think it is” Made in China”, some image whether their information would be controlled because China is a communism country. And one thing just remind of my mind is, there are a lot of good products out in the world, but mostly many American people just know some phones or just used some phones, because phone operator companies just advertise some products, I’m thinking is it fair and freedom, to let products just run under the hand of operator companies, such as Sony’s cell phone, no matter the quality, the design, or the battery power and safety, the screen, the display, the icon design, it is much better and higher technology than Samsung or LG, Samsung or LG is much appraised higher. And Sony is very detailed to consider for customers, to think about each technology problems and challenges little by little, I heard Chinese friend said, Sony is not like Samsung or LG, Samsung or LG, they are always boasting themselves products, such as AMOLED, the OLED is not made by Samsung, the TFT is also not made by the, not invented by them, but why Samsung just brag their products sounds like AMOLED is theirs and said their AMOLED is the best? Some of my Chinese friend said this. And they also say they really doubt about Samsung or LG’s product technology capability, as they told me there are 179 Korean professors was charged for academic Plagiarize, and they infer is this related to some CES technology which Samsung and LG boasted. I think I can agree with them. Why AMOLED is sounds like same principle of Plasma which Japan made before. And even Samsung AMOLED or LG OLED still had serious pixel shifting problems or frame vibration problems. Even the Wikipedia of AMOLED, it just talks about “Manufacturers have developed in-cell touch panels, integrating the production of capacitive sensor arrays in the AMOLED module fabrication process.” But is it really good? And one more thing, in super AMOLED, and in Wikipedia it said “Researchers at DuPont used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to optimize coating processes for a new solution-coated AMOLED display technology that is competitive in cost and performance with existing chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology. Using custom modeling and analytic approaches, Samsung has developed short and long-range film-thickness control and uniformity that is commercially viable at large glass sizes.[8]” Is this new CFD technology resolve the problem of Samsung making big size screen and still can maintain the good results? I doubt about this. Why did this film-thickness control can improve the quality even larger glass sizes? And I don’t believe reducing the gap between layers, then can see better, even the brightness is better, is it can maintain good aesthetic of pictures? I really doubt about that. And based on Samsung or LG history, they made a lot of plagiarize from other companies, several years ago, Samsung plagiarize from Apple a lot, even Samsung was charged and paid a lot of compensation money to Apple, Samsung still earned, because Samsung and LG was developing bigger and bigger based on stealing other companies technologies. Even losing a little money, they still earned much money from customer’s pocket and it is not fair to other companies, I think Samsung should pay this money each year if Samsung or LG was found any plagiarize from other companies, because it is not their own technology, it is using other companies technologies, so they should pay the money each year to some companies which they plagiarize from. Several years ago, Some Taiwanese company, which supply a lot materials to Google Nexus, but later Samsung wanted to supply those materials, they want to take up the market, so intentionally reduced the supply to that Taiwanese company, and said because of lacking materials, then Samsung succeed taking up the markets, pretty cunning. And another problem is what I said before, some phone operator just advertise some phones, so it has a big flaw, if some big companies just giving phone operator a lot of money, or giving some bribery, the phone operator companies would do a lot of advertisement for them, right? And these phones can take up a lot of market share, have anyone think about this before? Because what I heard from Chinese friend, they say Samsung and LG are very good at unfair taking up market, using a lot of cunning strategies

  3. We have 2 Samsung S5 for 1.5 years now but next phone will be iPhone because 1) no iTunes 2) no Facetime 3) best security updates (security breaches are happening everywhere Target, etc.) 4) Apps come out on Apple first before they come to Android (if at all).

  4. Samsung should change the touchwiz, just completely remove them. And your phone will probably out sell all other smart phones this year ,, YES YES THAT INCLUDES IPHONE …..

  5. 3:14 samsung will follow in the footsteps of Apple and release the Galaxy S7 in two sizes……

    are you serious… I'm so sick of people saying someone is copying Apple… The iPhone 6 is the first of their phones to come in two sizes…. that was released in 2014..

    Samsung came out with the Galaxy Note in 2011…… FACTS

  6. samsung should really make their icons/interface more attractive , rather then us user customizing it , should attract more dumb iphone users …

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