Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Sony Xperia X – MWC 2016

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Btekt’s hands-on comparison of the Sony Xperia X with Samsung’s Galaxy S7, two very different though both newly announced at MWC 2016. The Xperia X is the first in the new X series of devices, launching with a metal frame, premium finish but what will likely be an affordable price. It has a 5-inch Full HD screen, fingerprint scanner/power button and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 under the hood. The Samsung Galaxy S7 by contrast is an unequivocal flagship that will likely pack a Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM and waterproofing. Do you need that kind of smartphone clout? Let us know what you think of the new phones in the comments section below.

37 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Sony Xperia X – MWC 2016

  1. Here's what I like to say about Sony…Sony has been the leading consumer electronics company for decades since 1946 where it first began….since then, Sony has always been recognised for its fine high quality products such as its TVs, Playstations, Audio players (Walkman), and now Xperia phones! It always brings out the best in its products and it never disappoints its loyal customers….well, for some of you who said Samsung is a lot better than Sony…Well, regarding Samsung, yes, they are the leaders in the smartphone market right now with their Galaxy phones but, what about the other sub products? TVs, Washing machines, and etc? Who has heard of a Samsung Washing machine?  All people know about Samsung is their phones and partially TVs but, that's it!!! In overall, Sony are the better and probably the best electronics company there is since the 1950s…..don't count on Apple, they just started in 2001 with their sub products apart from personal computers in the 1960s….here is another thing, Sony build its reputation through product quality whereas Samsung mostly build its reputation through Marketing…Yes, Marketing has a big influence in sells and that is where Sony lacks but, in the long run, its the products which standout the rest….So, Sony are truly a great company and even though their phones do not get much attention or underrated, they are fine quality phones…I must say the best for the Android OS…..great graphics and not much lag even if they use a low end processor…unlike Samsung, which only the galaxy S series phones are good but, other series like A or J, after 2-3 months of use, you will experience lag and downgrades….For Sony Xperia, even if you use the M, C or E series with lower specs and such, even after 1-2 years of use, it seldom lags and still runs fine with minimal downgrades much like Apple's iPhone where it can run for at least 5-7 years before it condemns….So, ending it, no matter how much you hate Sony for any external reasons, you can't deny the fact that Sony are a great company with great quality products all around!!! Cheers to Sony!!!! END!

  2. I don't think the Xperia X isn't waterproof. The X Performance is waterproof, and it has similar design to the Xperia X so there's a chance that the Xperia X is also waterproof

  3. Which one do you recommend? I am in a dilemma right now, next week I can have a new phone and these 2 are on my top list. They both look good on the in and outside, but I don't know which one is better. Offcourse I use it a lot for social media, camera is important too and enough space on the phone isn't bad at all. I hope you can give me some tips to make my decision.

  4. bahahaha Galaxy still laggy as hell. . I used to love galaxy's but after s4 and compared to Xperias phones. . I found them slower laggy and freeze and just not as snappy and smooth as Xperia. .
    I currently have s6. . summer changing back to Xperia ~!!

  5. im debating wheter to go for the x performance or s7 edge, dont really see any bells and whissels on the s7. looks to me that the x has better specs so think ill go for that one. unless someone has some arguments for why i should go for s7 edge

  6. why is the design language backwards on the x and performance. The speaker slots were hidden into the corners on the z5. Why are they back on this design.

    bring back the z5 design.

  7. I'm really disappointed in Sony, why didn't they change the design or have a premium version?…. I think they just rushed this one out compared to the other Sony phones.

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