Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S7 Edge – What’s different?

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Samsung Galaxy S7, which should you buy?
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44 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S7 Edge – What’s different?

  1. I have had the Samsung Note 3 for a very long time and I feel like upgrading my phone (along with getting the Samsung smartwatch S2 & VR). Is it worth upgrading from Note 3 to the S7 Edge? This phone looks so nice….thoughts please.

  2. Awesome video bro. This video really puts the two phones into perspective, gives a good break down of the differences and is easy to understand and take on board. Thanks for the upload ?.

  3. my brother has the gs4 and I have the gs5 and our phones are still work like new. the new gs7 is awesome but with our phones still working like camps, and we have most of the gs7 features, we're going to stick with our phones until they break. that will probably be when the gs10 comes out lol plus these phones are expemsive! can't be buying one every year….

  4. I have the S5 mini and it's awful now, so slow and it likes to turn off by itself… Im kinda skeptic about getting another samsung but im so used to them… I guess my phone sucks because it's a mini so I can't really complain. I may get the S7, thanks for the video!

  5. Thanks so much mr. Supersaf for your extremely high work on this amazing comparison, I appreciate your pretty effort and I'd like to say that saving 100$ is better enough for me than spending it for additional crazy design in s7 edge as well as the dual edge feature .

  6. hi guys!! android authority is giving-away a samsung galaxy s7 edge international… to join just click this webpage and click "enter completion" to fin just scroll down… and complete it all for high entries and high chances of winning as well… hurry 4 days left….

  7. Hi Saf
    I am from downunder(australia) and one of your subscribers. Iam also eagerly waiting for the s7 to launch on the 11th of march. While the phone looks amazing some review are calling it the samsung s7s (like the iphone). your thoughts and do you think the iphone 7 ( or whatever it is called) will wipe the floor with it.(beat it hands down) vivek

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