Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S7 edge: Quick Comparison

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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S7 edge comparison. Reviews are coming soon.

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29 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S7 edge: Quick Comparison

  1. I feel like they did the sizes and specs the way they did to bring the Note 6 and Note 6 Edge back and they may very well be a 6 inch phone but they may stay at 5.7 inch it just seems very interesting that the gs7 edge is 5.5 inch so to make the Note 6 stand out why not add the edge version again at 6 inch screen if that's the case I'm all over the Note 6 Edge I'm excited for fall this year!

  2. ….so nothing really has changed in terms of the style. Glad the SD slot is back, but that's about it. I'll hang onto my 6s edge and wait for the 8 or whatever it may be called come next year.

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