Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S6: Should you upgrade?

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 may not look like a big upgrade but when compared to its S6 predecessor, the S7 looks like a king of all phones.
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47 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S6: Should you upgrade?

  1. Guys I have got the s6 and it was a really big mistake that I bought it simply free (paid full price) and now idk if I can even upgrade to s7 ?? I'm from UK need help/ advice !

  2. Upgraded from S6 edge plus to S7 edge. Trust me, it's worth it. The S7 is way easier to hold, the battery is amazing. Where I'm from our S7 has hybrid Sim card. And best colour is black. Get the black! Silver and gold look good in video but in reality black wins.

  3. Nah.
    Not enough of a difference between the two.
    The only thing about the phone that's more appealing is the SD card slot.
    So unless I can get a really good deal, I'll just stick with my beautiful, gold, Galaxy S6.

  4. Is it me, or do you still subscribe to PhoneDog but you close the video right after hearing Marco's voice? He's the worst. His opinions are unsubstantiated, and he SOUNDS unintelligent. He may not be, but for a person reading voice over on YouTube or narrating a video for 5-8 minutes, that's a deal breaker. I don't want to listen to someone who barely has a grasp on the language they speak for 30 seconds let alone an entire video. Mark is fantastic. Beau is good. Marco makes me want to unsubscribe every time I hear his 6th grade speech therapy voice. Please, get rid of him. I'm tired of PhoneDog videos being a crapshoot for which personality I'm going to get.

  5. And here I am just bought the S6 and couldn't be more happy, if you have the money to waste then yeh the S7 is an decent upgrade, but I still think the S6 has a couple of good years left in it.

  6. The S7 is smaller than the Note 5 and Galaxy S6, but has the sane sized battery and bigger, while being water resistant and keeping wireless charging and adding an SD card. Samsung's engineering is top notch. The Galaxy S7 really is jammed packed with technology, but you can't even tell by looking at it.

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