Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. LG G5

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The Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, and LG G5 are the biggest announcements of Mobile World Congress 2016 and we put them side by side in this video for a head to head comparison. There are a lot of similarities between Samsung and LG’s phones, but a number of key differences, as well. Check out the biggest Android phones of the year, so far.

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This is LG’s radical new flagship, the LG G5:

Samsung’s S7 and S7 Edge:

Microsoft’s new Lumia 650:


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45 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. LG G5

  1. I hve very bad impression about LG. I was havign LG G3. i bought this phone before launching of G4.
    every thing was working fine. then it started showing some kind of overheating.
    but that only happened twice.
    one day before while i was in a travel. i connected the phone in car charging. i used genuine cable only at that time.
    i listen music from phone through bluetooth so that i can listen music in my car. while listening to music it was charging too.
    after getting down from my car, i didnt use my phone. later after around 30 min when i checked my phone it was totally dead. i tried to charge my phone. no led of charging lit. i was worried. i took to service center. as i feared they told me motherboard problem.
    after using one year 3 months thats end of my use of lg g3. my samsung galaxy s. still working without any issue. until now i didnt change that phone battery yet.

  2. I got the Edge 7 and I returned it. I even paid the $35 dollar restocking fee to get the LG G5 instead…. The Edge 7 IS SO UGLY! No Case looks good on it at all. Its Seriously an AWKWARD LOOKING FOR A PHONE!!! There's no more Galaxy Labs in the States. TO MANY SHORT CUTS with app draw, folders, side bars, tapping. OVERKILL. Then there is to much shit going on that it doesn't register your swipes or taps at time.

    Beautiful pictures, screen looks beautiful but I'll pass…. G5, Simple….

  3. BTW everyone who owns a s7 and s7 edge knows this to prevent the game from reloading or crashing they have a built in app where you just click on minimize to exit it and then go back to it in previous/recent when you want but yea that's what samsung have come up with to prevent game crashing and reloading please if you going to review a phone do it so with all it's benefits guys I see them use iPhone benefits but not androids

  4. So many people (Samsung Fanboys) aren't seeing what LG has done. They went the dangerous route and made a phone that has a future for a couple of years with the modules that enhance the experience. Samsung just played it safe with adding always-on (Which sucks because of the no notifications) and water resistance. LG has officially made me look elsewhere besides the Nexus line. Kudos

  5. G5 is amazing. I would prefer LG over samsung any day because of touchwiz. and also, s7 hasnt got any earth shattering new features and theyve dropped the IR blaster now too. Also samsung is famous for making phones which get sluggish over time.

  6. the Samsung S7 looks exactly the same as the Samsung S6 the only slight difference is the memory card slot is back which is good but which they should have had in the first place with the Samsung S6 and the back is curved not really much difference and it's still a fingerprint magnet and I know it is waterproof which is Sony's design still copying other designs of phone companies I definitely prefer LG G5 beautiful different out of the box clever design LG G5 is definitely win this one this year they need to because the LG G5 phone looks to beautiful and that double camera at the back of the phone is excellent idea and different and the fact that you can move the bottom of the phone unattached different parts is amazing and you can still remove the battery LG still keeps it real

  7. LG has killer specs and capabilities but it's ugly 🙁 look at that S7 edge… now that is SEXY phone… I wish LG had better design than it would be my winner.

  8. Definitely Samsung, i'm totally disappointed with G3 quality. this year s7 is worth to buy. i'm gonna welcoming samsung handheld again… yeah. super excited

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