Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G4

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Samsung’s shiny new Galaxy S7 or LG’s leather-toting G4 of yesteryear? We pit them against each other in this quick comparison. Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G4:

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49 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G4

  1. S7 is minimum upgrade for premium price, not worth it. Most disappointing phone line of the year.
    p.s. this guy is clearly biased towards the S7, it's ridiculous.

  2. To all the people who are saying that the LG G4 is better, you're wrong. I pre-order the LG G4 last year. I thought it was the best phone, but no it was not. So many problems with that phone. I had to change the phone 3 times in less than a year. I got so tired of those problem that I decided to get the samsung galaxy s7 edge. This is a better phone: more features, better Camara, waterproof, beautiful design, finger scanner…

  3. I have a lg g4 and a galaxy s5,the camera is awesome on lg g4 compared to s5.I also used galaxy s7 in a retail store and found that the g4 has a better camera and is somewhat smoother.g4 clearly wins over s7 when comparing the camera.try for yourself guys.

  4. So what we have is a slightly smaller screen and slightly better performance for double the price. And how come the g4 gets knocked for not having a fingerprint scanner, but when the s7 takes away the ir blaster it gets praised?

  5. S7 wins hands down.. but we need to consider that LG G4 has a bug process relatively to his battery.. in fact, in these months a user of XDA Developers has discovered that there's a process in 'root – System' called 'logd' that in many models of G4 can cause the reduction of the device's autonomy, in the form of what we called 'battery drain'. Simply, by renaming this process we can also duplicate our device's autonomy ..and also thanks to the fact that Lg G4 can remove his battery, from this point of view, imho it become the undisputed winner of this comparison. Personally, i prefer a better battery life than a more powerful processor. We are speaking of mobile devices, aren't we?

  6. For the price of a Samsung s7, you could buy two LG G4 and still have money to spare.
    Don't get me wrong, s7 is still a beautiful and feature-rich device, but I don't know how it out performs in
    1. camera?
    2. Display?
    3. battery life?
    Along with performance and design, these factors are what most users look for. As far as performance goes, s7 being the latest phone is obviously going to be more snappier but G4 is itself blazing fast. With such a minor difference in performance I doubt people would want to pay more than double for s7. The only deciding factor would be the design and one-hand usage. The 5.1 inch screen on s7 definitely makes it easier to handle but how many people these days want less than 5.5 screens on flagships? The built quality and design is a personal taste. One has glass all over it and other has leather backing. Personally, I absolutely love the slight curve, the sharp edges and leather back of G4. But I have seen people adore the more rounded edges of typical Samsung design so that is just a personal taste. Last but not the least, that removal replaceable back and battery is a huge advantage for G4 users. I carry 2 extra batteries and I forget about recharging for the next 4 days!
    So all in all, I just fail to see why would people prefer s7 over g4 in purely fictional terms. But if the design of s7 has impressed you more, than its a different thing altogether…

  7. I love comparison videos but i definitly hate how some people present last years model like it was completly obsolete when they are the ones that make them obsolete with an obsolete speech

  8. Sadly nobody but one channel mentions that the S7 phones DO NOT do 16×9 in FULL 12 megapixel mode. You have to choose 16×9 with 9.1 Megapixel option. Pretty sad considering this is a new phone.

  9. Sadly nobody but one channel mentions that the S7 phones DO NOT do 16×9 in FULL 12 megapixel mode. You have to choose 16×9 with 9.1 Megapixel option. Pretty sad considering this is a new phone.

  10. the G4 is way better.I had it for over half a year,unfortunately a OTA update by Verizon bricked it as it froze during installing .after being in the VZW store for 2 hrs I walked out with an S7.5hrs later and I really REALLY miss my G4 and want it back! yes,I admit,the S7 is very snappy and fast.but I do NOT like the camera(s),screen size,glass body,and BATTERY LIFE.

  11. How can you compare last year's LG G4 to the newly released Samsung S7? The review was totally biased and favourable towards the S7. The LG G4 is still a very good phone but the reviewer totally dismissed all of the G4 features such as the excellent camera, battery and speedy processor. The LG G4 can still hold its own against Samsung S7 and is less than half the price of Samsung's effort.

  12. I am an LG G4 user….This video feels like it was made to make the g4 feel like shit…..unsubscribed! For half the price you get a better camera….the S7 is a great phone but it does not deliver as claimed by Samsung in the camera department.

  13. S7 it might have faster camera, with faster focus, but Lg g4 produce more details, more natural pictures, better manual mode
    and to say it's outdated it's ridiculous..

  14. I have the g4 and it is a solid, complete phone. since i got android 6.0 it is really fast like my 5 on android . you can get the g4 for 370 euros. Thats about half of the s7. So if you want to pay double the price and get 20 % better phone go for the s7.

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