Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7 Rumors & Leaks

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Samsung Galaxy S7 & iPhone 7 Rumors Heating Up. 3D Touch on S7? New Features To Expect on Both & Rumor Roundup!

iPhone 7 Concept:
Samsung Galaxy S7 Concept:

32 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7 Rumors & Leaks

  1. Samsung: 10000x better than anything else for people who know 2 things about electronics.
    Apple: Idiot-proof device for really old/really young people who dont know how to save a picture

  2. Iphone 7 will just be a basic phone that look like the ipod. They will make you pay top dollar for their iphone7 plus like they did now expect to pay top dollar for their top model, and that's the way they alway do thing. Iphone7 will probably be their ugliest phone yet. Will apple change their design probably not it will look just like another other ipad which I started to hate. Never had an iphone contract never will. You are wrong Samsung have ip68 water proof and apple is copying them in the iphone7.

  3. All iphones and samsung phones are the same just end up bigger size and a slightly better connection for faster wifi. The screen edge on the iphone is a terrible idea because if you drop that bitch you going to be fucked i promise you that. i have an iphone 5 and the battery inside the phone is dying i would probably go for the a samsung.

  4. The iphone 7 hasn't any place for headphones, WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA, you still want to win from samsung, plzz just go with you're iphone, they are both amazing, but samsung is better.

  5. I like samsung better I got an iphones 6s and it sliped out my hand some of the internals could be seen and my parent didnt care they already new it was gonna happen so im back to samsungggg yayayyayaya

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