Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7 – Can Apple Compete?

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Full Details & Features vs iPhone 7 & 7 Plus. Features Comparison & Rumor Roundup. Can S7 Destroy 6S or 7?

48 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7 – Can Apple Compete?

  1. Apple is really a copycat of Samsung after all the things that the s7 as waterresestand chargers and so on, as I've heard Apple buys his stuff at Samsung and Apple now has aped the camera Samung coming to iPhone 7. why Apple buys his stuff at Samsung and Apple is even more the same things to become a secret.

  2. I have the s7 and I absolutely love it. and it really sucks that Apple is taking the headphone jac, that's gonna make them loose a few costumers. my sister in law is an apple user and she mentioned that if Apple those that she will be going back to Samsung. Samsung keeps getting better and better. and yes the s7 is Watters proof, i've tried it under water and it kept working like if it was dry, did not slow down or freeze one bit

  3. The only reason Samsung and others are listening to their customers is because Apple is a much better platform than android will ever be. Ios is so good you do not need to jailbreak your device. Dumbasses who root their phone do not know that its useless anyways. Now android fanboys the ball is in your court.

  4. everyone shut the fuck up. Samsung is stupid trying to take a hit on Iphone. if it wasn't for Iphone, Samsung would still be making crappy phones. if Apple doesn't have a headphone jack for Iphone 7 all other androids will follow anyways. Htc made the A9 exactly like Iphone. selfie flash on Samsung was taken from Iphone and Iphone took it from snapchat. Every company follows Iphone and tries to make things better lol.

  5. The amount of retarded in denial iPhone fanboys in this comment section is crazy. I'm 100% sure that nearly all of them are kids who only got the phone because it's popular. They probably know nothing about the specs of the Galaxy S7

  6. I'm possibly getting a new phone on march 19th…I have a htc one m8 now… i'm going either s7 or an iphone? I had an iphone 3gs once … what is the phone to get!? i'm out of the loop with all the new phones.

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