Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S – Which Should You Buy?

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Is Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Better VS iPhone 6S & 6S Plus? How They Compare, Features & Complete Comparison Review.

44 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S – Which Should You Buy?

  1. Samsung is amazing with the Gear S, Gear VR, Gear 360, and the smart TV's. But when it comes to Tablets and Computers, it does a terrible job and is so behind. In terms of smartphones, Samsung does have the best hardware in the world, but the thing is, the phone runs on Android and Android is not simple at all, iOS is simple.

  2. Samsung drops phones every six months to compete with the same iPhone then when new iPhone drops they need to start dropping phones like crazy to keep up!!! You dumbasses don't see that!!

  3. Look at all these iphone iDiots, when they run out of arguments and realize iphone is fucked in terms of specs, they start bringing on words like "security" "privacy", "passion" "loving the device"
    you guys are the definition of the irrational consumer

  4. The s7 is the best android phone out there now but if you want the latest of iOS then obviously the ugly 6s will do or you could get the better looking SE. 

  5. Yep… I'm doing my research on this S7 Edge. I'll be leaving iPhone when my contract is up. I'm gonna miss it and it's gonna take me a while to get back used to how to use a android after sooo long, but I'll be ok. And besides, I don't see a jailbreak ANYWHERE in sight I've been checking for months, I need my features, I need my customizations, I need my multitasking!!! SO if there's no jailbreak available by February goodbye iPhone hello S7 Edge

  6. Samsung is killing apple from last 2 years, Samsung really did the great job. Apple need to do something but it won't cause it's apple they will always be ugly with there 10 inches side bezel. ???

  7. Yoooo all those Samsung haters!!! (those who disliked this vid!) You gotta admit that Samsung nailed it… ;D And awesome Comparison mate! I though it's one more Apple geek who's gonna say bad things abt samsung S7 tho. but nice vid!

  8. people say samsung is better but obviously iphone 6s is more professional and more widely used 😉 fags cant afford apple shit so they jealous 😉 plus all celebrities use iphone cause samsung is cheap ;)

  9. I just love being connected to all my devices. Kids with iPads that don't have cell phones. FaceTime, iTunes I can be setting on my Mac and not have my phone. And I don't miss anything. Notification, calls ,Text, FaceTime calls. Stuff like that is why I buy apple Products. It's not just the phone. It's the hole set up. The phone is just on the go for me. You know like a bonus.

  10. Jump on the banned wagon and broke down and got iPhone 6s plus. Not liking it that much,the only thing I like about it is the keyboard. I feel the keyboard is a little more accurate. I may trade it in and get the s7,any thoughts?

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