Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s – Speed Test

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus Speed and Performance test, Fingerprint unlock, Camaera launch, Browser, Apps, Gaming Speed tests as well as RAM management.

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Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s – Fingerprint Scanner Speed Test –

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47 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s – Speed Test

  1. besides the lower resolution, there are 2 reasons why the iphone is faster.
    The first being the fact that a lot of apps do not know how to handle multicore very well. Since the individual cores on the iPhone are more powerfull (it has less cores so they better be), the iPhone is faster.
    The second reason is the Operating Software. Developers are writing "closer to the chip" on iOS.

    The first reason will be solved once app developers will optimize their apps for better multi-core use.
    the second reason will probably be there forever.

    Still, these are two very powerful phones.

  2. I'll always like iPhone better because the interface is smoother and easier to navigate around. If I wanted to go folder to folder to get to an app or a setting I'd just buy a Windows computer

  3. You mean resolved on IPhone 6s plus, because i have iPhone 6 plus and the management is shit, it always optimize the app right after closing it and then reloads it when i get back to it

  4. That QuadHD on Sasmung Galaxy looks soooo awesome. You can clearly see on the "Marvel Contest of Champions" loading screen the difference in image quality on both devices. Although there's a little bit of performance sacrifice. So, in the end it'll be buyer's preference.

    For me I'd buy Samsung Galaxy S7 cuz of the screen and image quality, QUADHD! don't mind sacrificing a little bit of graphics performance. You won't notice that it's slow anyway unless you compare it side-by-side to an iphone 6s or you used to have an iphone 6s and then migrated to SG S7.

  5. Why the hell did they make it different processors?! Thats just unfair for the people who bought the s7 snapdragon with just a quadcore processor. Obviously i would like a faster octacore phone rather than a quadcore.

  6. It's not the resolution effecting performance as much as it is lack of optimization. iPhone has always had superior app optimization since day 1, and we see nothing has changed. Yes the resolution is a factor, but not in real world performance. The pixel density is more marketing gimmick, than anything. Why does it matter at all though? Both phones are the best of the best, and it coms down to if you are an android person, or iOS person.

  7. видно же что он на самсунг раньше нажимает обратите внимание но оба Смартфона шикарные просто во время надо нажимать на экран

  8. I don't very care for speed test. i like real world test. One thing for sure apple always makes fast one core. while Samsung always makes fast 4 or 8 core faster. That why apple is always in top. Most people use one core. when you open a game it on one core. everything a person open it on one core. Now when a person is running to page now it need more core to run it smooth. The key for a good phone is too have both core equal. apple and Samsung don't know that yet . maybe in the future they will figure it out.

  9. +ori avraham I don't disagree with the flagship Android smartphone speed or the fact that they are pushing more pixels etc, but the most important thing for any smartphone user is how does the device perform real time for daily usage and how consistent is that performance. I don't care if Android phones have 16 cores and 8gb of RAM-if the phone doesn't perform better appreciably better if at all over an iPhone with significantly less hardware specs, what does it really matter? I appreciate many of the Android phones but they don't offer anything for me worth moving over from Apple and the iOS ecosystem. And to be honest, my iPhone 6s Plus is a powerhouse for all of the tasks I need and the 2 GB of RAM is more than enough for all types of multitasking. Apple and the way they engineer the hardware/software integration is so efficient, the extra hardware is simply not needed for most purposes. When does the extra hardware numbers Android devices have over the iPhone actually make a diff?

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